The liquid chalk is applied to the hands to improve grip and dry out sweat. The liquid magnesium dries on the hands in a few seconds as a solution for users of common chalk powder and / or gloves.



HEALTHY | prevents clouds of dust being created which is known to be harmful to health when inhaled.

CLEAN |  leaves no powder marks when it is in contact with clothing or personal equipment, which can occur with some chalk products.

DURABLE | one of the most durable liquid chalk’s, it lasts on the hands giving you the staying power to keep training.

QUALITY | Carbon Grip's unique formula prevents sweating over time.


  • Promotes a stronger and longer lasting grip
  • Dries on your hands in a few seconds
  • Does not leave a mess
  • Protects your hands
  • Helps maintain healthy training

how to use

Make sure your hands are fully dry. Simply squiz onto your palms a small amount and spread it all over your hands and fingers, then allowed around 5-10 seconds to dry.

After the alcohol in the chalk dries, a dry white base layer of chalk covers your hands.
And you are ready to start your workout.


  • For an extra stiffness, a couple of thin layers as mentioned above will improve your grip.
  • if it takes longer to dry, you have applied too much liquid or your hands weren't fully dry.
  • Best to clean and dry hands before application
  • Can be used on its own, or applied as a base coat for loose chalk.
  • Removed easily with soap and water.




The DRY version:
For those seeking a dry and strong grip. this is our flagship product.

The STICKY version:
Has a slightly sticky texture, which can be more effective in humid conditions.

The SUPER STICKY version:
Has a stronger sticky texture, for those who need an extra sticky grip.